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Anti-Aging Eye Contour

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Patented anti-aging solution containing Melatonin, Resveratrol, peptides, amino acids and vitamins. Clinical studies have shown that Melatonin has an antioxidant, anti-inflammatory action and stimulates, in synergy with Vitamin C, the production of Collagen, as well as regulating the function of the immune system. The Bont L peptide simulates the action of botulinum toxin. This patented formulation works by stimulating the repair processes even after lasers or chemical peels and/or other methods aimed at the eyelid such as after blepharoplasty. Apply one drop per eyelid morning and evening.

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Customer Reviews

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Marinella Golia

Contorno Occhi Anti Età

Anti-Aging Eye Contour

The voice of our customers:

My skin is reborn, it is shiny and even the acne spots have disappeared. Super recommended!


Fantastic products! Since using this line I feel much more comfortable with smoother and brighter skin. I recommend them to anyone.


Finally an effective treatment... right from the first applications I could notice an improvement in my face.


Radiant and healthy skin! Products with a delicate scent and rapid absorption! Zero greasy effect! Perfect skin! I love yuvavitae products! Highly recommended!


Results visible to the naked eye after just one application of products dedicated to facial care... Yuvavitae guarantee of quality... Fully satisfied


I used the body cream on post-surgery scars... never found better products than these!


The "YUVAVITAE" creams have now entered my life as a beauty secret!!!!